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Which shop was better for Airfix models?

Sheffield History

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History dude

Redgates was much cheaper than Beatties that is for certain. But I mostly bought Airfix kits from Barnards at Manor Top. I seem to recall than many local toy shops had a good range of Airfix kits. So you didn't need to spend bus fair to go to town for them. What the local shops didn't have were the more expensive models, such as model railways and Britains toy figures. Both of those shops also stocked the continental model kits like Revell and Frog. I remember getting a kit of Mr Spock fighting a giant snake from one of those. Can't remember who made the kit, but it wasn't something you got from a local toy shop. 

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Martin Ede

G.E.M. Stores on Attercliffe Common in the sixties, Marcway Models on Attercliffe Road in the seventies.

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Glenn Ashley

when I started building them it was Hunters Cycles on the Pavement at Park hill flats. Redgates was another.

There was also Wilson Gumppets in Fitzallan Square. I can remember when small my dad took me in another model shop up past the Cathedral, can't recall it's name. Beatties was good, and the shop near Castle Market too.


Marcways [worked there part time in the 70's] is still there and thriving

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