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THE CASBAH in Sheffield

Sheffield History

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THE CASBAH in Sheffield City Centre

Yes it was flooded, sometimes it was just a bit pants but mostly it was amazing!

What were your overriding memories of The Casbah in Sheffield?

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I have fond memories of this place and was a regular at the weekend for years i would spend the latter part of the night on the dance floor after drinking at the Nelson or the Dove and Rainbow.

I remember it being very hit and miss you could go in one night and it was the best night ever but then go in again the same time next week and it was utterly dire or empty. I remember the DJ was a Manics and Clash fan and would always play your song requests no matter what you requested but obviously if your requested a song by manics or the clash he would whack it straight on.

The toilets were well maintained compared to most rock and indie themed establishments in town at the time apart from one night when they flooded.... Water and sewage ran out of the mens and started to make its way downstairs as a result they had to close the upstairs room for awhile. 

I think in its later years it struggled to compete with Corporation which is were everybody seemed to be going alot of the Casbah crowd migrated to Corp and it started to decline. I say this because i went in the Casbah one night around 10:30pm and was the only person in there other than the bar staff i left and went corporation and had to wait in line for forty minutes to get in.

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Used to go there a lot, from way back when it was the Wapentake.   Not a bad place, and one of the few bars you'd hear Iron Maiden, Killing Joke, AC/DC and Pistols one after another.

By the time it went into decline, I'd moved away from Sheffield.

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