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The Bengal Restaurant - Glossop Road 1960 onwards

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Tracy Denholm

Does anyone remember this wonderful Indian Restaurant? This was unusual at this time but my parents started to take me as a baby in a carry cot, I was born in October 1960 and we continued to go for years and years, so I was used to eating Indian Food from being tiny. My Dad got very friendly with the Owner and I remember my Dad taking him a good cigar now and again.

The owner invited my Mum and Dad to his daughters Wedding, I think that would have been probably 1980s although by this time we had left Sheffield.

I would love to hear from the Owner, I think his name was Mr Choudhary, I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who has memories from early 1960s

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This place was my first ever introduction to Indian food in 1982. An absolute epiphany!!

I went almost every week from 1982 until it closed.

Apparently it closed down when the old man died because, allegedly, he had been spending all the money the restaurant made without the rest of the family knowing. So when he died there was no money left.

Such a shame.



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