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Thacker family bible


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I have (rescued from a skip) the family bible of Charles Thacker  born 1820 and Emily boothby 

10 children ranging from 1850 to 1871 they married 1850 

Also  included are memorial cards for Amelia Overton wife of Charles vicar of cottingham 

died 1849 in London 

would love to see it given to relatives 

the bible is from 1804 but info is from 1850 

anyone does it ring a bell or any ideas what to do with it



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Hi Lindy,

I have sent a message to someone who has an Ancestry family tree with these Thackers in it.  I suggested that they may want to join Sheffield History and make contact with you. The lady's name is Fiona.

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13 hours ago, Lindy said:

Brilliant Edmund I would  love for it to back in the family. Are they in Sheffield 

Lincolnshire I believe.

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