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Anyone remember the Chuck Ranch on Holme Lane ? We spent many a happy Saturday night after a crawl around Stannington or Hillsborough in there. Think it was one of the first American themed diners in Sheffield. If memory serves me it burned down.:mellow:

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I used to go to the Chuck Wagon with my girlfriend, now my wife, and was devastated when it burned down. It was great food and as you say one of the first of its kind in Sheffield. The other I know was Uncle Sam's on Ecclesall road.  Hillsborough drinking on a Sat afternoon and then the Chuck Wagon. Brilliant.

I don't know what you think but going out seemed to be much cheaper then in the seventies and early eighties. We would go out seven nights a week and usually end up in a nightclub. Restaurants opened later and we used to go into town restaurants after closing time and even after the nightclubs. The Indus in the square was a favourite. We would sometimes go to a City Hall concert before the main drinking sessions. Roxy Music, Elton John or maybe the Who were all enjoyed with drinks in the Albert across the road before, last orders in the pubs and a nightclub afterwards, We never had particularly well paid jobs and shudder to think what that kind of lifestyle would cost today. My daughters don,t go out more than a few times a month and it costs them an arm and a leg. 

Sorry I digress, I still get a bit sad when I think of the tree growing up through the ruins of the Chuck wagon years after it burned down.

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ukelele lady

Yes the tree growing out from the rubble, looking at the size of the tree it must be quite a long time since it burnt down.

I use to love it there , tasty food at prices we could afford. Does anyone know who owned it at the time?

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