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York Viking Festival

Thorntons girl

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Did anyone go to the York Viking festival last week?

It is a must for anyone who loves the history of the vikings.

It is such a fun week with Viking living history camps, a Viking procession, Viking markets and Viking battles.

It is always in the February half term and lasts a whole week!

It is amazing, Vikings are walking around the streets and you can have your photographs taken with them and see them going about their business.

The battles are so realistic, you all need to go next year, believe me you will not be disappointed.

Here are some photographs I took when there,










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Excellent - we will deffo check that out thank you!

Maybe when Sheffield Castle walls are unearthed we could start something in Sheffield similar

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You are very welcome.

That would be a fantastic idea, events like this are good for the locals and really bring the tourists in too.

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