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General Cemetery

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Isaac Milner Ellis was buried at the General Cemetery in 1902. Is there any information on Plot number and whoever else may be buried with him? His son, Isaac Milner Ellis, died in 1866. Could he be buried near his father?

Thank you, Maggie


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General Cemetery, unconsecrated section

grave E22

13 Aug 1866 16 Aug 1866 Isaac Milner Ellis Jnr. 6y Son of Isaac Milner Ellis, Cutlery Manufacturer 67 Monmouth St                                                       

19 Aug 1890 22 Aug 1890 Jane Ellis 50y Wife of Isaac Milner Ellis, auctioneer 15 Beechfield Road

24 Jul 1902 28 Jul 1902 Isaac Milner Ellis 71y Auctioneer 37 Montgomery Rd

[death date/burial date/name/age/description/address]

This plan at Sheffield Indexers shows section E near the top right. This is the better preserved area of the cemetery so any gravestone may have survived.

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If the gravestones have not survived Sheffield records office, Shoreham Street, have records of the inscriptions. Just quote the grave number E22 to them. I got the inscription on the grave of some of my family members this way.

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