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The Penny Farthing on Eyre Street

Sheffield History

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Sheffield History

The Penny Farthing Sheffield.jpg

The Penny Farthing nightclub on Eyre Street in Sheffield City Centre

It's in the new Dirty Stop Out's book so am going to order a copy...

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I opened the Penny Farthing in 1966 as resident DJ.

Swing and Sway with Graham Day, Your Late Night DJ At The Fabulous Penny Farthing

it was a very upmarket Discoteque with Star Holdings, the owners, having spent £0.5m fitting it out. A great deal of money in those days.

A regular visitor was the womaniser Peter Stringfellow who owned the MoJo Club, a more downmarket place in the City. Ten years later I met him in his famous club in the Charing Cross Rd and he admitted to me the Penny Farthing was his inspiration for Stringfellows.

Happy Days

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Yes I remember the Penny farthing it was what I would call a Discotheque, all ordinary blokes like me waited patiently outside, quite often in the rain before the doorman let you in, whilst nice looking girls and the Sheffield football fraternity Owls and Blades players like Eustace, Badger, Shaw etc were whizzed to the front and allowed free entry, if that wasn’t bad enough the footballers then had the pick of all the best looking girls!

Without getting too bitter and twisted though I remember some great dance music as  they were always playing Tamla Mowtown, most of the guys used to stand at the bar and around the small dance floor ogling the girls.

Ronnie Crookes was the manager/ doorman in the early days and as he was an ex boxer, very little trouble!

a guy called Dave Rothwell was a later manager PF. not sure but there may have been a name change before he took over.

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Andrew Long

Am almost certain my Mum said this was where she met my Dad for the first time :-)

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Sheffield History

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 17.56.11.jpg

The Penny Farthing in Sheffield City Centre
Does anyone have any more info on this discotheque?

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