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Cutlers - Wild & Ward. Ecclesall Bierlow

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I have discovered a few generations of Sheffield cutlers in my family history. I've exhausted tso I'd really appreciate any personal, local or professional expertise you guys can provide - or any
family links! My next step is to look up apprentice records, trade directories and do a bit more research into cutlery - I've noticed some good links on this site.
James Wild (1788-1854)
Lived Coalpit Lane and Wellington Street but business premises in Broomspring Lane. Ivory dealer, table knife hafter and cutler (with
his son William). Went bankrupt - I'm investigating the circumstances but was this unusual - something he did
or market forces? Married Sarah (1790-?)
Henry Wild (1821-1890)
Lived Coalpit Lane, Wellington Street, Plum Street, Clarence Street, Chester Street. Cutler and/or table knife
hafter. Married Elizabeth Robinson (1827-1870) and Eliza Ward (1840-?)
John Ward (1824-1890)
Table knife cutler. Lived Eyre Street, Rhodes Street Park, Oxford Row Court, Kent Road, Hodgson Street. Married
Sarah Holden (1824-1894).
Sam Ward (1862-1951)
Butcher Blade Maker/Forger. Lived Oxford Row Court, Kent Road, Brammall Lane, Thomas Street. Moved to London around
1895. By the 1939 register he is back in Sheffield; living in Chippinghouse Road. Are there any reasons why
he would move to London - presumably to find work? Married Annie Wild (1865-1931).
I'd be grateful for any extra information you could provide. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Gemma


I've found a couple of articles relating to the sale of his premises and household goods but I can't attach the file. I'll send you a PM.



The one I have found has business premises at Whitecroft and lives at Corn Hill. Are these 2 different people?


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