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Unitedite Returns

Midland Railway Station and Granville Street - 1931

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 Johnson Class 1P-D, then a Grimesthorpe based engine, poses for the camera, whilst on station pilot duties, at Midland Station in 1931. Built at Derby in May 1886, as Midland Railway No.1825, and withdrawn from service at Grimesthorpe, on 26/12/1931. Renumbered as No.1333, in 1907, as portrayed here.  A tantalising glimpse of Granville Street, (highlighted), beyond the station perimeter as well. Was it still Granville Street in 1931?

POSTSCRIPT: There is a story associated with this photograph that what is recorded here, is this locomotive's last scheduled day of working on 24/12/1931, but that story has never been verified.

CAIMF308-Johnson Class 1P-D, No.1333-(30-06-1886 to 31-12-1931) at Sheffield Midland-1931-Web Copy.jpg

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4 hours ago, Unitedite Returns said:

Was it still Granville Street in 1931?

Definitely, I had friends living there in the 50's and I think 60's. Granville Street is still there now without the houses, but apart from the Granville Road end it's only used by the new trams.

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