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Islamabad Restaurant at Attercliffe

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Paul Worrall

I remember the 'Slammer' in the mid 70's, it was a time when there were few 'basic' curry houses in Sheffield. On the menu was, chicken curry, mince meat curry or vegatable curry. The chipatis were brilliant and they also sold 'parn' a mixture of spices wrapped in a leaf which was mean't to settle your stomach and clean your teeth - happy (hippy) days! Wazzie Worrall

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Yes. Remember the Slammer in the 70s . I had friends who worked at the Town Hall and it was considered a cool, trendy place to dine Attercliffe style.

Very basic menu and limited choice served in large white bowls, I think.

It was very unlike the Vesta Beef Curry I’d been buying as a curry connoisseur a few weeks previously.

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