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Furniture Industry in Sheffield.

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When you think of Sheffield the cutlery industry or steel works spring to mind, but I have never read much about the furniture industry.

Though many of my family worked in the cutlery industry or as grinders none worked in the furniture industry and I don't think I knew anyone who did but Sheffield made some fine furniture like the piece in the picture.

When I was young we had some lovely Victorian furniture which were not on a grand scale but I wish we had them now and wonder if any of them were made in Sheffield, it seems likely.

(c) https://www.dhi.ac.uk/matshef/banham/MSbanham.htm



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My ancestors were cabinet makers in Sheffield. They came down from Wakefield in the 1800's.

Later on his son Joseph was in the same trade. They lived a Pomona Street for a while, but later moved to Dobbin Hill Road. Much more upmarket!

His 3 year old son Henry (my Great Grandfather) did not follow in the family business.



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