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Roof Top Cafe / Castle Market / Sheffield City Centre

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Oh yea, Mum and I would sometimes go up there for a 'rest' on a Friday, after a long trape round the market, with my fidgety toddler in a pushchair, resulting in a load of weekend shopping, and a need for a sit down. Mum would take the shopping, and I would carry my daughter and pushchair up the stairs. We usually had to wait a bit, as it was such a busy little place, I think often, kind folks took pity on us saying, " 'ere ya are love, sit 'ere, we're just goin' ", it was much appreciated. The staff were 'good old yorkshire lasses', serving good hot food ,in good portions, with a good cup of tea, and always had a friendly chat with everyone. Shame, it's all gone.   

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Guest Shane b
On 05/12/2017 at 14:14, Sheffield History said:

Roof Top Cafe Castle Market Sheffield.jpg

Anyone ever visit the Roof Top Cafe in Castle Market in Sheffield City Centre?

Any good?

The best mince beef pie and gravy in Sheffield back in the day 

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