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Sheffield Cinemas

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can anyone tell me please how long did Sheffield have to wait for a Hollywood film in 1939? What films were shown? I am writing a book (fiction) and I would love to know as much as possible about Sheffield cinemas in 1939. The whole experience please.  

Many thanks


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I don't know, but a little research shows that the Carlton opened in August 1938 by screening "Kings Solomon's Mines" ( released in 1937)and in 1939 the Rex was showing "Men with Wings" ( released 1938), A search of the micro filmed Sheffield newspapers held in the Archives/Central Library would quickly show what was being screened in almost all of the Sheffield cinemas in 1939...then you would have to find when they were first released. 

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These are the sort of pages to look for in the Library “Star” archives. These examples are from 1957 but they go back to the 30’s. Have fun! post-5086-1235578016_thumb.jpg.bc813dfb5d09d79cb8bfac32494c1a7f.jpgpost-5086-1235577970_thumb.jpg.4538ecb8514bedb7b0ae1c153791d86f.jpg

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