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Carbrook Hall at Attercliffe, Sheffield

Sheffield History

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Sheffield History

Carbrook Hall Sheffield.jpg

Here's an old postcard view of the interior of the famous Carbrook Hall in Attercliffe, Sheffield.

I think this is the place that's touted as the most haunted in Sheffield?

Easy to see why with such spooky interiors!


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This is an excerpt from a post I put on the forum some time ago.

 After four miles my brother and I detoured from the tow path to share a welcome pint with the heroes of the Civil War. Did the Civil War have heroes? Heroes or not, their portraits adorn the Oak Room of Carbrook Hall. In 1640 Sheffield didn’t even appear on the map of England but Carbrook Hall did and this magnificent old building welcomed us with open arms. I think it’s the best pint I had in all my time in England. I swear some planets must have aligned at that moment producing a set of circumstances which might never be repeated in my lifetime; the weather, the atmosphere, being on home soil, walking with my brother after so long, a feeling of peace and contentment. I could have stayed there all afternoon but there was Hadfields Weir still to do before I could say I had walked the Five Weirs.

Never saw any spooks while we were there, then again it was a Tuesday morning, probably not the best time for engaging the supernatural.

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Thorntons girl

I loved this pub when I visited a couple of years ago.

It was amazing inside, so historical and it had a real atmosphere.

The fixtures and fittings were so intricate and the quality was incredible.

I didnt see any Ghosts but as I said earlier it did have an atmosphere.

I recently walked past it and it looked like it was for sale!

Can anyone confirm this?

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