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Tom Cross Lane..

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Sheffield Col

I know Brunswick Road. Pitsmoor, (AKA localy "Champs Hill") was once called "Tom Cross Lane", But who was Tom Cross, and when / why was the name changed to Brunswick Road.? Does any one know ?

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On 21st March 1624 John Newbold of Sheffield sold for the sum of sixty pounds, to Rosamond Newbold of Mosburghe, "a close commonly called or known by the name of Tom Crosse Close, containing by estimation three acres of meadow or pasture, lying near Tom Crosse within the parish of Sheffield aforesaid, between land of the lord belonging to Hall Carr on one side and land of John Hurst gentleman on the other side  and adjoining a certain lane called Tom Crosse Lane...."

John Harrison in his survey of the Earl of Shrewsbury's estate 1637 refers to Tomcrosse, to Tomcrosse Field (arable) and to " a lane leading to Tomcrosse".  Addy as usual overcomplicates things, but suggests the name comes from a cross near a mound (toom, tomb).

The renaming was done by 1862 but was very unpopular and the old name was used by the populace for another 40 years or so.

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Dave Milner

I was looking at something about Tom Cross lane & came across your reply. Thanks very much.

Hope you are well Ted 🙂

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