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Adrian Cook

Violin penknife

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Hi there everyone.just wondered if you could help me out .i have just brought a novelty penknife in the shape of a violin .The thing is ime not sure wether it was made in sheffield or not because its not stamped anywhere on the tang with sheffield.looks really old and the blade looks well worn even where the blade rubs on the spring.looked at it with a magnifying glass and has G S on one side and what looks like N ROLIGHT on the other side.looked on the webb and havent found another one as yet or the name if its correct.Any help would be much appreciated. 





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What I like about this knife is that it has been well used, not just a trinket, can you give us dimensions please?

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Suggest the brand may be 'NORDLICHT'?

German manufacturer of knives, blades, razors, etc. Someone else with a NORDLICHT razor on eBay 


This may give you a starting point to find out more, but looks not to be Sheffield (or even British) made?


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