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Middlewood Hospital

Sheffield History

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It's just a few yards south-west of the laundry.  Presumably an underground flue up the hill connected it.

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Eric Boocock
On 25/02/2008 at 13:52, Guest dex said:


I used to work with Walter in the bakehouse during my apprenticeship (if this is the same Walter). He used to walk down to the bookies at Leppings Lane just about every day for a bet. he was a really likeable fellow. I was based at Middlewood but also worked at the Infirmary (before it was knocked down), Northern General, Lodge Moor and a short spell at Thundercliffe Grange learning my trade. I was taught Butchery at Middlewood with a great bloke called Harold Ford. All the staff were great whilst I was there especially Minnie Guest and Ken Ward who both took me under their wings whilst I was doing my training.

I was Catering Manager in the mid-80's.  Ken Ward was still working there and so was Walter.  I regularly played snooker n the patient's social club, and Walter used to pinch bags of stuff such as sugar and flour.  He'd bring several bags of various bakery ingredients to the club in his shopping bag, and try to sell them to me.  We had another light-fingered resident whose name I forget.  At Easter we had a delivery of about 1000 Cadbury's Chocolate Eggs and I helped the driver to count and unload then and carry the cartons into the catering store.  A few hours later whilst playing snooker with Charge Nurse Abass Toofany, this patient tapped me on the shoulder and offered to sell me 12 dozen eggs at 10 pence apiece.  I went back to the store and found there were 12 dozen less eggs than I'd counted out in the back of the truck.  It turned out that as I'd been taking cartons into the store, this guy had been dashing in and nicking the odd box whilst I was picking up the next batch from the the back of the truck.  The patients were brilliant and it was a lovely place to work.   

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On 03/09/2010 at 11:24, Guest MauriceM said:



Does anyone know anything of the history of the Midlewood site before it became an asylum / hospital?



I am researching my GGG grandfather , Mark Maugham, and he was a draper in Angel St Sheffield up until he died accidentally in 1848. He owned an estate which he purchased in 1836 from Lord Wharncliffe and it was sold by his executors after his death. I found a reference in an old book about Sheffield (A Life at One Living by Alfred Gatty) that suggests the estate was sold a couple of times and eventually purchased by the authorities and used for the "West Riding Lunatic Asylum" (at Wadsley). It also suggests that the mansion house on the estate (Wadsley Park House) was initially used as a hospital for the asylum patients.

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My GGG grandfather Richard Gillott was a farmer at Wadsley Park farm from at least 1861 until his death in 1868. His family continued to live at the farm until early 1869. At this point they would have been forced to move on as the building work had commenced and the land was being levelled to build what would eventually become Middlewood. From his will of 1862, it appears George Miller was the land owner at that time - he was a railway engineer.

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