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Albert Road S8 map

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Hello and thanks for sharing the os maps of Meersbrook running behind Albert Road.

I was born in a house on Albert road and used to play in the Meersbrook  at the bottom of our garden. I always wondered why the concrete 4 foot high wall was but now after looking at the os map I see it was a weir. I believe that Joseph Tyzak controlled the depth of water to feed their steam boiler via a sluice where the water ran at the back of Maxons.. The chimney for that boiler was demolished in the early late 50s I remember watching it. I remember flooding a few times and the water coming high up to cover half of our garden. Soon after in the early 60s the Meersbrook was covered with a culvert and the land all levelled off.

I remember it all as if it was just yesterday.

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