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Sheffield History

Sheffield Trams Past & Present

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This book might be right up your street if you're into your transport or trams.

Sheffield trams past and present is a book that does what it says on the tin and takes you through some great photos and information about Sheffield's Trams

The location of Sheffield between numerous fast flowing rivers; the Don, the Loxley, the Porter, the Rivelin and the Sheaf, made it inevitable that it should develop significant industry during the early industrial revolution.

By 1911 it had become the fifth largest city in England. Industry demands transport, both for goods and workers and the first local public transport in Sheffield was provided by horse buses in 1852. In 1872, the Sheffield Tramways Company constructed a nine-mile horse powered system.

By 1896 this was in the process of being converted to an overhead electrical system but this wasn't actually completed until 11 November 1902 and the last horse drawn trams ran in May of 1903.

Electric Trams were soon to become an integral part of life in Sheffield and although route extension plans have been turned down, the main routes are still well used today.


Get the book HERE



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Looks interesting. I still have my Last Tram Souvenir book which my Dad bought for me after we travelled on no. 506 from the city to Vulcan Road and back on the last day of operation - is there much duplication in the text and illustrations?

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