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Sheffield History

OK Diner at Wadsley Bridge on Halifax Road

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Does anyone remember the OK Diner on KIlner Way at Wadsley Bridge?

An American diner type experience it didn't do very well. (Not sure why as never went in which might tell you part of the problem!)

I remember the day it got literally lifted up and put on the back of a huge lorry and drove away which was a site to see

Think they just picked the wrong location If they'd have put it at Meadowhall for example am sure it would still be there today

I guess they just didn't do their research

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I always wanted to go in but never did. 

Ive since been to the one on the A19 near Hartlepool and its ok, but not amazing and certainly not as good as a real American dinner.

There’s one on the A1 near Newark and something very similar on the A38 close to Burton on Trent  






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