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Anyone know what the restaurant at Malin Bridge was called?

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Sheffield History


Down Malin Bridge way in Sheffield 6 there is a building that was once a restaurant.

It is where the water wheel is and was also once the site of Comet Electrical Shop.

Anyone remember it being a restaurant and if so what was it called?

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I don't remember it as a cafe, but I remember once going to Comet with my mother for some reason now lost in the mists of time. This was a big adventure for little me (I guess I was about 10 years old) as I persuaded my mother to take the no. 2 bus from Gleadless Townend to Malin Bridge rather than have to change buses in town. My mother was not overly impressed with the scenic tour and we went home via town!

I loved it, of course, as much of the north side of Sheffield was unknown to me at the time.


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ukelele lady

I don't know what year the photo of the old building was taken but it looks very derelict. When we used to visit Charlie Wades in the 80s  it had a nice big car park but you needed to book before hand because it got quite busy. In my attachment you will see the little black guy [seated] ;-) and the surrounds of the restaurant. I'm sure the had a life size standing statue as well . I can also remember small models of Laurel and Hardy. The picture was taken in 1989, I'd love to know what happened to the statues.


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