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Anyone used to shop at Western Jean Company at the top of Fargate?

Long gone now but used to be situated just opposite the Goodwin Fountain at the top of Fargate

Anyone remember it?

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Hi Michael,

I worked at Radio Hallam Hartshead just after you left. I worked in Presentation with Richard Tandy and Amanda Charlesworth. Ray Stuart showed me how Studio A was operated in my first week and I became a technical operator and used to play in the commercials, Jingles for any continuity shifts.

Before joining Radio Hallam l listened day and night to the stations output and recorded every commercial break, news bulletin and Jingle.

I used to love listening to your Saturday evening show 7-9 after Kelly's 'Soul Temple' show.

Michael Lindsay, Michael Lindsay, 

Saturday, Saturday.

Michael Lindsay, Michael Lindsay,

Saturday W'hay .....

And so on.

I still have that recording along with your Bill Mitchell's

'Michael Lindsay On 194'

Radio Hallam was a Fabulous station to work for. Keith, Colin Bev, Ray, Johnny, Roger, and the team of engineers and News reporters, Sales etc.

I was listening to a show broadcast between 12 and 2 back in 1980 with Keith Skues and Howard John. The lunch show was in inside outside broadcast as Keith put it. Looking at how Radio Hallam worked looking at all the different departments. You are included on that show voicing over the song from OMD / Electricity, showing how the talk back system worked with Derrick Connolly at the Sheffield Show.

I also have the majority of the Radio Hallam Original Jingle packages. I recorded them from the carts in studio B onto reel and then latterly onto mini discs. I looked around for the TT package but didn't manage to find any.

I remember you had one labelled as


And you used a variation of

'You've got it radio Hallam ...Yours in stereo'.

'Music sounds best on Radio Hallam....Yours in stereo' , on your American Top 40 on a Saturday morning.

I have so many recordings of old commercials and Jingles, Trailers as l am guessing you may have too.

I believe nobody else has any of the recordings that l have got and so it would be great to speak with you about Radio Hallam as it was at Hartshead.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards


Edited by Jonny
Name spelt wrongly

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