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Gary Bannister

Sheffield History

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Some absolutely fantastic shots of Gary Bannister's match worn third shirt whilst playing for Sheffield Wednesday

Sadly not for sale any longer but thought you'd like to see the photos!






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Loved Gary Bannister...or was it Charlie Williamson, could never tell them apart, off the pitch anyway...on the pitch was obviously different.

When Bannister missed two penalties away at Wolves, I often wondered whether or not Williamson had taken his place due to injury or summat, only thing I can think of as to why he missed two penalties.

Then the train broke down on the way back...great night.

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Had the pace of a cheetah for a couple of years.  22 goals for Wednesday three years running.

Grew up in Leigh, Lancashire.  Sister played hockey for England.  Signed from Coventry, (£100,000 was it?).

Remember the FA Cup Qtr-final at Burnley, 1983.  Bannister was going past Burnley centre-half, (Frank Casper?), at about 65 MPH, so Casper just rammed his elbow into Bannisters face.  Went down like a wet bath mat with a broken cheekbone.  Just about got fit to play in the semi-final against Brighton three weeks later.  Our best striker, rusty and not fully fit.  Another reason we didn't play Man Utd in the final that year.

From 1985 to 1988, I saw him play for QPR maybe 20 times, having a close relative who was at QPR then.  I always looked forward to seeing the old Gary Bannister who had been so devastating for three years at Wednesday.  But not one time did I see it.  Still a good player, but that lightning spark had gone.  We did well replacing him with Imre Varadi.  We got the best of both of them.

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