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A Way To Live

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History dude

I came up with an idea a few years ago about how to solve some of the problems caused by pollution, global warming and other social evils that are common in modern cities, without people giving up many things that are needed for modern life.

It's centred around the idea of not using the mass system of motor transport. Instead replacing houses with large complexes with everything built into them a person would need to live. For example the entire population of Sheffield could be incorporated into I reckon about three complexes about the size of the Manor Estate. When I started thinking about it the entire area of that estate had been cleared just about. So it would have been an obvious starting point to build the first of the structures, if they ever came about. Completely enclosed in a sought of Meadowhall type of design. It would incorporate shops and houses on three levels. While other parts of it would have more specific use structures up to ten stories high, such as a medical unit. The three centres would be connected via a monorail system, which would be very safe and would not knock people down, as does the present system. Even then it would only be used by those needing to travel. Most people could walk the entire complex in about 15 minutes, if they needed to, which they probably wouldn't.

In order to help illustrate how it would operate I am building a small section of the centre in model railway scale OO/HO (about 4mm to the foot). You can see more information about the idea and photographs of the model under construction on my blog. Link below. I will be adding more pictures of the model soon.

A Way To Live   

Much of the model is being scratch built, since modern buildings are not common model railway materials. In fact some of the buildings will be adapted from expensive German kits made by Faller etc.   

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