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Ecclesfield Church / Priory.

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castle boy

Wonder if someone can help please .

Just a few things that maybe someone can help and can sort for me.

(1). Is the Church and / or Priory the same building ?

(2).Where in Ecclesfield are they exactly /addresses ?

(3).Are they still in use for services?

(4).Other than St Mary's Church are there any other Churches in Ecclesfield?

(5).There has been talk that Ecclesfield Church is the same as St Mary's Church.

(6).I personally believe the two are not connected , but would love someone to solve the mystery for me please.


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St Mary's is Ecclesfield church, they're the same thing. Its full title is the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Ecclesfield and yes, it's still in use.  http://www.stmarysecclesfield.com/

Its address? It's the huge church in Ecclesfield, you can't miss it.

The priory is a different building:



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