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Is this a post box on Hangingwater Rd?

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I drive past this quite often but have never stopped to inspect it. Looks like a type of post box, but does anyone know what it is exactly? (please dont say a yellow grit bin;-))



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Old rider
On ‎26‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 09:18, Athy said:

Does it still do anything? And when it did, what did it do?

I don't think it will do anything today. The Sheffield electricity system has changed a lot over the years. As an apprentice electrician in a steelworks, early 1960's, we had one area that was supplied with 2 phase electricity until the YEB notified the company that they would stop generating this type of supply at Blackburn Meadows. We had to replace or rewind all the motors on the machines and all the switch gear to use the more common 3 phase system of supply. This type of problem occurred because every town and city originally had their own power station so they could adopt their own supply voltage. I remember in the 1950's Sheffield domestic supply was 200 volts and was then changed to the national 240 volt supply. Every house had their lamps changed and any electric heaters we had were fitted with new elements by the YEB to enable the change. However Laycock Engineering, Archer Road factory never changed from 200 / 360 volt as they had their own sub station and would have to pay for the machine conversions themselves!

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There is another of these transformers at the top of Storth Lane in Ranmoor -- also a listed "building".

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The Converter at Ranmoor has recently been restored by a local group. I'm looking at the prospect of doing the same for the one at Greystones with a group I'm involved with.


Ranmoor converter 1.jpeg

Ranmoor converter 2.jpeg

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