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Arthur Middleton

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Arthur Middleton was the son of Benjamin Middleton (born in Wellingborough) who was also in the coal haulage business but sold up and retired to Cleethorpes due to ill health. 

Arthur was at one time the Landlord of the George IV on Infirmary Road in Sheffield and his son Desmond Peter Middleton was a founder member of the 1st SAS serving under Colonal Paddy Mayne in WW2. His daughter Veda was Headmistress of Carbrook County Junior School.

http://tabbs.magix.net/website/desmond_peter_middleton.28.html#Desmond Peter Middleton






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Paul Worrall


When I was a teenager in the late 60's living on Whirlow Court Road, Ecclesall, Miss Middleton and her father lived opposite us, although Mr Middleton died when we'd not lived there very long. Miss Middleton was a wonderful old lady who owned an Austin A40 Farina which I used to wash for her. When I'd finished she'd give me tea and cake and tell me stories of her days as headteacher at Carbrook Primary School. One of the things that has stuck in my mind is her description of how poor some of the families were. She once told me that they often gave the kids bread and dripping/jam in the mornings before lessons began, they also got a free 1/3pint bottle of milk. Free school milk ended in the mid 70's when a certain 'lady' began Secretary of State for Education. Who can remember being a milk monitor?

In a lot of ways those days haven't gone away, kids are still needing breakfast clubs and many of their parents have to use food banks!

Paul 'Wazzie' Worrall

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Old rider

Yes I was a milk monitor at Nether Green School. We used to distribute the crates of milk to the classroom throughout the Infant Junior and Senior schools.


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