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It Came From Outer Space... to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet!!!

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Anyone else have any memories of this?


I remember being taken by my mum and dad and the capsule was displayed in the main courtyard of the site, with some wooden steps built around, so everyone could climb up and file past.

I vaguely remember this and the hatch to the capsule was open, to reveal an almost impossibly tiny space for the astronauts to fit. I recall it smelling a bit 'fusty' inside (like the smell of an old TV set - probably the same components lol) and the seat belts and buckles, looking like those in a racing/rally car. They might have been bright red or bright orange, but I don't quite remember?

Anyone else have any memories, or maybe any photos from the event?

It reads that it was the Apollo 10 capsule, but I could have sworn it was one of the capsules from the Mercury program?

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It certainly is an amazing visit.  I was interested in the space programme at the time but can't remember this. Wonder why Abbeydale hamlet ?

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