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Got one of these?

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Just passed the 10th anniversary of Apple's release of the i-phone

What's an i-phone?

It's estimated they have sold a billion of them.

Never had one.

Australian's are among the heaviest per capita owners in the world.

Don't want one.

Soon 1/3 of the world's population will have one.

I'll be in the 2/3.

Many people say it's the one thing they cannot live without.

Rather read a book.


(Facts from a recent news item. Comments from me.)
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No I haven't THYLACINE, and like you will remain in the 2/3 category without one!  It has been a slow process getting me as far as Windows 7  on a laptop which I hope will be the summit of my aspirations. Whilst I'm happy to receive photos and messages from distant family members, ever failing hearing problems render any sort of phone use very difficult. Belonging to the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" old school doesn't seem to be at all popular in the world today so we gravitate towards becoming 'Victor Meldrew' type citizens and press on regardless whilst our faculties permit !  Best regards;-)

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