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Sheffield History

Reactor - Sheffield's first ever punk band

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reactor sheffield band.jpg


reactor band.jpg

Time to recognise Sheffield's first ever punk band REACTOR who were kicking about in the 70's

Post all info you have below and let's see what we can find out about this Sheffield punk band :)

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“Reactor are a local Sheffield group who have played at the Windmill twice already in the club's eight week punk rock run.

They play up their local connections strongly – their opening song is called Steel City – and make up for their musical inexperience with MASSIVE energy on stage.

Their lead singer leapt from one end of the stage to the other, lay on his back, crawled over the amplifiers, jumped into the audience and coped with problems like guitars and microphones cutting out with just about held in fury.

He looked like a Johnny Rotten carbon copy – spiky hair, drainpipe trousers, grubby jacket, hunched back, curling lip and a vocal delivery like a quick firing machine gun.

I'd like to dedicate this to...........(etc)...........it was hard driving rock'n'roll – great dance music that was theirs and theirs alone.”


Article from page 3, Home Groan, issue 5.XMAS Extra, 1977.

Contributed and written by?, Kid Turd. There is also a small piece on the band, on page 19 of same issue.


(P.S. A vintage edition of this Home Groan, Issue 5, is, I believe, currently For Sale, on a well known IT auction site.(Feb 2019).)

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