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Moor End Hospital?

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Good afternoon all,


Whilst searching some of my ancestors deaths, i came across one that died in "MOOR END HOSPITAL"?

I have never heard of it, done a Google search, but cannot find anything. So, can anyone enlighten me please?

Many thanks

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Sheffield& apos;s Borough Hospital Committee was established in 1881, with nine members elected from the Borough Council. Its original remit was to manage and control the hospital for infectious diseases established in Winter Street, and to exercise and carry into effect the powers contained in sections of the Public Health Act, 1875. The committee became a sub-committee of the Health Committee in 1927.


The infectious diseases hospitals, tuberculosis sanatoria (TB became a compulsorily notifiable disease by order of the Local Government Board from 1 Feb 1913) and other establishments managed by Sheffield Borough (later City) Council included:


Winter Street Hospital (opened 1881); Lodge Moor Hospital (1888); Crimicar Lane Hospital (1902); Moor End / Commonside City Hospital, Walkley (1908); Municipal TB Dispensary, Queen& apos;s Road (1911); Redmires Camp Hostel (1925); Oakwood Hall Sanatorium (c. 1928).

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