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1950's BBC TV Newsreel.

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Most older members will remember the revolutionary impact of television's re-appearance after the war, most sets being bought for the Coronation and after it. A memorable image for me was the BBC's TV Newsreel opening shot with the stirring 'Girl's in Grey' march by Charles Williams with the view of the famous Alexandra Palace TV mast with imaginary rings of transmission radiating from it and the words revolving around it.

Looking at this bit of film of the opening shot, now available on You Tube, and still shots of the mast at the time, can anyone tell me if the outrigger arms are all horizontal or all at different angles as I've studied pictures for years and can't decide. The mast survives today, but the outriggers were removed long ago. It was a surprise to see ( an imitation of ) the mast featured in the David Tennant Doctor Who episode about the Coronation.

Put the following in You Tube :-

BBC Television Newsreel 1951

TV Comes To Alexandra Palace (1938)

Salute to AP (Alexandra Palace) 1954

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