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Loxley Chapel (Old Church)

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I was asked to pass this message on. Please take any debate to the Star if you have strong views as much more visible there.

Dear All

The extensive Internet and Newspaper documentation of the long neglect of and subsequent fire at Loxley Old Church has made myself and others aware of the hundreds of similar cases that happen in this country. It clearly indicates the need of a genuine overhaul of planning legislation in respect of our historic buildings. The burial ground at L...oxley is now becoming a second Wardsend -if any of you have any relatives interred or any interest in this issue -please contact me via the Star/Sheffield Telegraph.

Ron Clayton S6

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Hello Ron

I have several family members interned there.

When I was young my dad took me up to the grave yard and pointed out the family graves, now its almost impossible to see anything, what is worse is that the building is in very poor repair.I was baptised there in 1941 so I do have more than a passing interest.

Regarding planning it is all most impossible for local councils to do anything, they can ask for a improvement order against the owners, e.g. cover the roof, prevent further damage, however they are short of cash due to the MASSIVE government cuts, particularly in the North and it is not likely to happen, sad but that is how it is.

On a lighter note, when the Moor and central area of the city was being "developed" in the 60s an old lad seeing is city being demolished said to me "Well this bloody council as managed to do what Hitler didn't manage in 1940" 

Mike Eggenton

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