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Missing Map

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Morning everyone,

Map number 96 (Parkhill, Duke sreet etc), top left corner showes Bungay Street, park. Now Court number 6 backs on to Talbot Lane (i think), has anyone got a map that shows the court and Talbot Lane on the same map please? 


Bungay Street.jpg

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Hi togger, on 3rd January stuart0742 posted Map 346 which is the 'B' revised (1963) 1/1250 plan of the missing sheet immediately west of your posted location. By then much had changed as map 346 shows (page 18, last post before 'Topic closed') so Granville Lane is missing. If you go to the maps.nls.uk site http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=53.3783&lon=-1.4623&layers=6 you can find old maps which may help.Maybe Sheffield Archives or Library can help in finding a copy of the 'A' original published plan as they would have been used extensively by the City Council in the 50's and later years.

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History dude

I noticed that several crucial areas of the 1950's maps are missing from the list. I was particularly wanting the SK3787 map. If it can't be sourced here, where else can it be found online? 

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