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The Songs of Joseph Mather


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Here's a link to a free ebook - The Songs of Joseph Mather, published in 1862.  Mather died in 1804 and the book includes a biography of the man and many of his songs which are often based on historical events in Sheffield, such as the Norfolk Street Riot. There are explanatory notes for the songs, giving details of what the basis was. 

The Songs of Joseph Mather 1862

An example is his song "The Black Resurrection" about the widening of Church Lane in 1785 which took part of the graveyard and diisturbed many graves - the song being sung from the point of view of an occupant of one of the graves, and refers to Vicar Wilkinson, who agreed to the encroachment, as the "old serpent"

I lived for a series of  years

Not far from the toll of the bell,

My house they pull'd over my ears

And I was consign'd to my cell.

Before my remains were dissolved


My troubles upon me revolved

Much to the old serpent's disgrace.


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