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You couldn't make it up.


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So there I was, sat on the bench in my local chemist, waiting for my prescription to be made up; when I spied a small pile of information leaflets.

I picked one up and realized that it was published by the local NHS body responsible for funding prescriptions.

It was appealing to people not to ask their doctors for prescriptions that can be bought over the counter, but to buy them themselves to save the NHS money.

Fair enough I thought until I read of the reason for this. It said that tablets such as paracetamol could be bought, retail, for a quarter of the cost that the NHS had to pay, similarly gluten-free food products that are available on the NHS cost them twice as much as they could be bought retail.

No wonder our NHS is in such a poor state if their purchasing organisation, with the enormous clout they must have buying in MASSIVE bulk, are paying two or four times over the odds.

The chemist has to make a profit on his goods before selling them retail and he's buying in reasonably small quantities.

There's a funny smell somewhere and it's not coming from the perfume display on the chemist's shelves.



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