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Goodbye Kellingley


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Deeply saddened by this, the closure of the last working deep-mine in the United Kingdom.

Whilst I can sort of understand the concerns that have been expressed, and continue to be expressed about the environmental impact of carbon fuels, I still think that more time, investment, and effort should have been expended in the past, in finding a better means of using our probably still vast deep-coal reserves in a more environmentally friendly manner.

I cannot, but wonder, that as so much of our energy requirements are now having to be imported, as either oil, or as natural gas, as to whether, in years to come, that this will be yet another strategic blunder that we come to regret. A little bit like the short-sightedness of those decisions taken in the 1960s and 1970s, involving the closure of certain of our then, extensive railway system.

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