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History dude

Stand House Manor

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History dude

Stand House School was built on the site of the farm of the same name. Originally the site of sort of pavilion to watch the hunting of Deer in Sheffield Park. How long this pavilion was on the site is a mystery. The area wasn't mentioned in the Survey of 1637. However in 1699 a lease was drawn up between Richard Richmond and the Duke of Norfolk. We do know that the Stand was in the middle of "Blacko Pliane" named after the lumps of coal sticking out of the ground in various places on the what would be open piece of the park. That in the 1699 document has been dived into four sections one of which is called the "Newstand". 

J. D. Leader in his book about Mary Queen of Scots thought the Stand she had been taken to was the one at Stand House. However as T W Hall didn't find the 1699 lease till the 1920's, Leader wouldn't have known about it being called the New Stand in that.

The farm for a while seems to have survived the creation of the Manor Estate and can be still seen in the aerial photos on the Britain From The Air website. Sometime before it's demolition Harry Cowlishaw managed to take this picture of the Farm House itself.


The farm was removed with the construction of Stand House School in 1928. The Cowlishaws removed to the area around the Manor Lodge.

I have recently seen some newspaper articles concerning the farm and I will upload these shortly. Meanwhile if anyone else has anything to add please do so.    

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History dude

As promised:

Foot and Mouth! Sheffield Independent  7/2/1872


SDT 13/9/1880


SDT 17/8/1885


SDT 10/6/1901


SDT 12/6/1901


SDT 12/3/1910


SDT 12/3/1910 split into 3 parts. The last part shows you what was in the house itself. Including 88 Edison records!!!



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