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Don't update to Adobe Reader DC!

History dude

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If anything asks you to update your current Adobe PDF Reader to the new version "Adobe Reader DC" don't do it!

If you do all the thumbnails will be replaced with the Adobe Reader ICON.

There is currently NO fix for this as Adobe have removed the Thumbnail option due to "technical reasons".

In fact the only cure is to go back to the old version. You don't need to this if you have very few PDF files on your computer. But if you have loads of them it will be much quicker when you can see what the files are.

An explanation is given on the Adobe site

Adobe DC thumbnails

If you paid for the old version you have to install it, but remove the DC version first.

If you downloaded the old free version the link below will take you to it. The folders are the languages. Choose eng_us for the English version.

Adobe 10 or 11 old version download


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