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Crofts Buildings (Lee Croft / Sims Street / Hawley Street)

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Does anyone know the story of the destruction of the end of the council flats "the Crofts Buildings" on December 12th 1940?  There were four fatalities.  The end of the block seems to have been demolished (see 1950s map below).  Pic Sheffield has a pre-war photo showing a tower with a staircase in it at that end of the blocPic Sheffield - Crofts Building

My interest is due to my tracking G/Grandfather, who was living there in September 1938 when he got married. St James church, where he married, was also hit in the Blitz.



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Hi Edmund, 

I know this post is from a long time ago, but I was wondering if you found anything about these buildings? I tried to search for some newspaper articles but there don’t seem to be any available from Sheffield for most of the 1940s. 

I am also researching my great-great grandfather, Edmond Skinner (b. 1878) - I am thinking that you are also researching this relative?


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