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How to Make Old-Maps.co.uk Work

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Here's some instructions on how to make Old-Maps.co.uk work.  At various points it has been easy to use, or has needed some juggling.  The "front-end" is now un-useable (maybe it works if you pay?), but the actual maps are still on their server and can be accessed (without any watermarks spoiling them) if you are prepared to spend a fair bit of time juggling.

The address of the front page is: https://www.old-maps.co.uk/index.html#/  Input the town name (eg Sheffield) and click the gazeteer button, then select the town you want.  The "available Maps" panel then displays all the maps that are available eg OS Town Plan Sheffield , Yorkshire 1853 1:1,056.

Right click on the thumbnail of the map you're interested in, then click "Copy Image Location".

Open a new browser tab and paste in the Image Location to the address bar - it displays the thumbnail map.  Now you need to edit the Image Location in the address bar.

Here is a key to what the parts of the Image Location address do:

https://wms-3.old-maps.co.uk/api/wms?FORMAT=image%2Fpng&LAYERS= 101162&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&STYLES=&SRS=EPSG%3A27700&BBOX=435461, 396406, 435361, 396406&WIDTH=935&HEIGHT=663

red = map eg 1853 1:1056

green = top left corner of map – easting        

orange = top left corner of map - northing

blue = bottom right corner of map – easting

pink = bottom right corner of map – northing

green = window on your PC screen width

blue = window on your PC height

Here is a selection of the map codes available:

100452 = 1853 1:1056

100453 = 1890 1:500

100392 = 1894 1:2,500

101162 = 1923 1:2,500

100571 = 1905  1:2,500

100392 = 1892  1:2,500

You will need to change the easting / northing parameters of the top left of your desired map, the easting / northing parameters of the bottom right of your desired map, and also the width and height to make the map fill your screen.

To find the easting and northing parameters, use http://gridreferencefinder.com/gmap.php   - zoom in then right click on the point you want to be the top left corner of your map - it will show you the grid references.  Do the same for the bottom right corner.

If the parameters are not acceptable the map displayed will be either a modern map or a message that you are not allowed to view at this magnification.  You will need to tweak the easting and northing settings to get what you want, but it can be done!

Here's an example of one I made earlier for an 1890 map:  https://wms-3.old-maps.co.uk/api/wms?FORMAT=image%2Fpng&LAYERS=100453&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&STYLES=&SRS=EPSG%3A27700&BBOX=435402.75,387431,435597.25,387569&WIDTH=935&HEIGHT=663




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