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Fred Spiksley Biography Website And Newsletter

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We have recently created a website about our Fred Spiksley biography.

Today we have uploaded our first Newsletter which we will be sending out every month up to and beyond the publication of our book. The newsletter will include lots of info and photographs that we simply cannot fit into the book itself. The first issue can be seen on our website right now. It will be a lot more than just a monthly update on the work we have been doing as it will include the following:

  • Updates on the work we have done
  • Image of the month
  • Quotes
  • Contemporary newspaper cuttings
  • Player photographs and profiles
  • Recommended publications and websites
  • Excerpts from Fred Spiksley’s 1920 autobiography
  • Information on how you can pre-order the book

Please visit our website and take a look at our project to find out more information and sign up to receive the newsletter so that it arrives to your mailbox automatically. Also, you can follow us on Twitter @SpiksleyBook

Tell your fellow Wednesday friends and supporters and get them signed up. We really want to turn this into a special project.


1. December 2014.pdf

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