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Death By Walking Stick


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Where's the cheese when you need it,

A Man Killed by a Mouse, 1876,
An extraordinary occurance has just been brought to light at an inquest held a few days since on the body of a man in South London.
It appears that in a workroom where many young girls were at work a mouse suddenly made its appearance on a table, causing, of course, considerable commotion and a general stampede.
The intruder was seized, however, by a young man who happened to be present, but the mouse slipped out of his hand, and running up his sleeve came out between his waistcoat and shirt at the neck.
The unfotunate man had his mouth open, and the mouse, on the lookout for some convenient place of concealment, entered the man's mouth, and he in his fright and surprise swallowed it.
That a mouse can exist for a considerable time without air has long been a popular belief, and was unfortunately proved to be a fact in the present instance, for the mouse began to tear and bite inside the man's throat and chest, and the result was the unfortunate fellow died after a little time in horrible agony.
Several witnesses having corroborated the above facts, and having medical testimony as to the cause of death having been given, a verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned.
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