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Has He Been ?

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I was chomping an expensive bar of "high cocoa solids" chocolate yesterday when I had a sudden horror flasback to when I was about sixty years younger.

It was the thinness of the chocalate that did it.

Imagine the scene, young, always starving-hungry lad, furtling about in the cupboard, finds an almost complete bar of dark chocolate. Wrapped in silver foil it looked very tempting to a lad in the days of sweet rationing.

I tried a square and although it tasted a little tart it didn't take me long to demolish the entire bar.

"I'll be for it when me mum finds out", I thought, "I'll bet she was saving that for herself".

I was for it all right ! :rolleyes:

Within a couple of hours I was very permanently installed in the little brick outhouse at the top of the garden, the one with the green door with a little opaque glass window.

I was in there for a day and half, other family members had to use the old lady next door's facilities.

The moral of the story is that it isn't a good idea to eat almost an entire block of LAXATIVE chocolate at one go.

In mitigation the outer wrapper which presumably had a description, was missing by the time I found the bar.

I never suffer from constipation ! :)


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