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Yorkshire Bank Tv Advert.


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There's an advert running at the moment on ITV for the Yorkshire Bank, that's puzzling me.

It extolls the virtues of Yorkshire in general and Yorkshire Bank in particular, and features aerial views of a delightful seaside village and pans around to show an old ruined castle on the top of a grassy hill.

I thought I knew all the resorts on the Yorkshire Coast but this one has stumped me.

It looks very "chocolate boxy" and more like a scene from Devon or Cornwall to my mind.

Does anyone have any idea where it was filmed ?



Hilldweller retires to the bathroom to wash the egg from his face !

I've just realised that what looks like a tiny little seaside resort is, in fact, a tiny bit of a whopping big resort.

It just shows what a different perspective from the air can do.

It's Scarborough !


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I think the colours are enhanced.

It made me look twice, 1st time it was not til the castle that I realised it was Scarborough.

Surprising what a different perspective can do

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I wasn't sure as it looked sort of computer generated too. I tried to focus one the people moving at the very start to see if it was real. They seemed to be in slow motion.


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