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"the Iron Age!"

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I can only imagine that they were detachable collar and cuffs made of metal. In my teens (1960's) I used to have some plastic ones that were extremely stiff, always looked immaculate and just needed a wipe with a damp cloth to clean them. (the fact that they looked like what they were, shiny plastic collars, was kind of the point really.)

Perhaps surprisingly, they were no more uncomfortable than starched ones, I seem to remember.

It's only a short step to imagine that, before plastic (or cellulose) was invented, someone came up with the idea of using thin sheet steel. (It must have been painted I suppose.)

I do also remember being able to buy, disposable, stiff paper collar and cuffs as well.

I've searched about a bit and can't find any mention of those plastic ones never mind metal ones.

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Excellent work!

Sheffield Independent

11 May 1861

Charles Fanshawe was a partner in the firm of Marriott & Atkinson, which went bankrupt in 1881.

He died in 1889. The report is interesting though it doesn't mention collars.

Sheffield Independent

24 May 1889

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