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That's A Very Deep Hole !


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In another topic about the "Wedding Cake" Register Office I mentioned a website from the British Geological Survey which has details about boreholes, wells and springs all over the UK.

Having nothing better to do, I began to look for the deepest borehole in the greater Sheffield region.

I think I have found a record breaker in the Stoney Middleton area.

It was an experimental borehole sunk in the bottom of an old quarry just off the main road up the valley.

Apparently it was sunk to prove the depth of the "Derbyshire Dome", this is the dome shaped lump of limestone that forms the "White Peak".

They finally broke through the bottom of the limestone at a depth of 1851 metres ! That's 1.15 miles deep.

It took them a couple of years to get down there.

I bet it's warm down there !


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