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James H Reeve

Sheffield History

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Does anyone remember James H Reeve ?

What a top quality presenter he was. Intelligent and very very funny. He could put the less intelligent caller down without them even realising he'd done it

:lol: :lol:

James H (Hengist) Reeve is a UK broadcaster, journalist, raconteur and radio phone-in host based in the Manchester area. James has hosted shows on Piccadilly Radio now Key 103 FM, BBC GMR now BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Five Live, Sheffield Hallam FM, talkSPORT, TEAMtalk radio stations and, up until July 2006, presented the late night phone-in show at Key 103. Reeve left Key 103 due to the fact that his contract was not renewed. A statement from Key 103 said Reeve's departure was 'amicable' and had been a 'mutual decision'.

James has also worked on radio in Saudi Arabia and is widely acknowledged within the broadcasting industry to be a specialist at launching and assisting with appeals.

He appeared in the 1981 TV production of 'Strike: The Birth of Solidarity' with Sir Ian Holm.

Tommy Boyd famously mused, "do you think James H Reeve is a communist?"

A resident of Prestwich, James is a keen supporter of Manchester City.


Unofficial James H Reeve Website - http://trouser.hypermart.net/jhr/

Download whole James H Reeve Shows - http://www.freewebs.com/mickynwa/jameshreeve.htm

James H Reeve Infamous Gags - http://www.simonmason.karoo.net/page469.htm

James H Reeve On Radio Hallam (dowload) - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=27O98WMN

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