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He's Got The Sack.

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ukelele lady

When someone is said to have got the sack we all know that he has lost

his job but where does this saying originate from? And where does the sack

come into it?

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I always assumed that it's because you would have left carrying your belongings in a sack.

That seems to be the thinking - it occurs in 17th Century French - "on luy a donné son sac"

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When you were given a start at a firm (mainly Silversmiths & Cutlers) you carried your tools in a sack, if you were good at your job you had no problem BUT if your work was inferior the Gaffer (a corruption of Grandad) came and gave you a sack to collect your tools and leave his employ.

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That sounds acceptable , I often wondered where the sack came into it.

I can imagine what todays version would be.

Today 'we're letting you go so you can pursue further career opportunities".

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